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Unveiling the Power of Insutex Textile Insulation


Transforming Waste Textile into Sustainable Insulation

Our innovative process utilizes waste materials to create a product that is both eco-friendly and highly effective, providing superior thermal insulation and acoustic control.


Sourcing of Raw Materials

Our sourcing process is meticulous, ensuring that we only use the best raw materials from our trusted suppliers, and we continually strive for sustainability and ethical production practices, while always putting the needs of our customers first.



We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint while providing the highest quality insulation materials from textiles. We built a logistics system to ensure that our products are transported in the most efficient and eco-friendly manner possible. We understand the importance of responsible sourcing and production, and strive to minimize our environmental impact at every stage of the process. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best insulation solutions while also contributing to a better, more sustainable future.


Sorting and Collecting

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we sort and collect used clothing from a variety of sources, then repurpose and transform them into insulation products that help keep buildings warm in the winter and cool in the summer.



Insutex wants to contribute to a better, cleaner, more responsible and innovative use of materials. We develop new materials from fiber – many of which are neither used nor recycled today.


We Upcycle, We Trace,
We Sustain

We do believe in minimize waste across industries and to do the best with the limited available ressource we have left on this planet.  

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