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Innovative construction

Reshaping the Future of
Sustainable Construction


We do right by transforming the future

Insutex is committed to create a sustainable future by transforming textile waste into innovative insulation, promoting a traceable circular economy and inspiring positive change in the construction industry

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We are proud to partner with businesses and organizations who share our mission of sustainability in reducing waste and the carbon footprint. 

Partners Who Joined and Supported Our Mission

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tech nordic advocates
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We Upcycle, We Trace,
We Sustain

We do believe in minimize waste across industries and to do the best with the limited available ressource we have left on this planet.  

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Our Focus Area

We bring our expertise to a circular construction sector, developing the industry's future and redefining what is possible, one project at a time.


Sustainable Product

Our products are made from recycled textile waste together with local manufacturing facilities. We together take our share of keeping textile materials out of landfills and promote a circular economy across industies.

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Traceable Circularity

Our products are traceable and circular, ensuring transparency and sustainability throughout the supply chain. We use advanced tracking systems to provide an overview of all of your properties and the exact CO2 traceability of our products within every construction. 



Digital Tracking 

Our digital tracking system allows us to track various properties within your construction project. Our system is reliable and helps us to optimize your construction for maximum efficiency and sustainability.

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